Add rules for the VMware Tunnel to manage how traffic is directed through a third-party proxy. These rules allow you to bypass the proxy or send traffic through it.

The server traffic rules only apply to VMware Tunnel servers using the Per-App Tunnel component.

To configure server traffic rules:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > VMware Tunnel > Network Traffic Rules . Select the Server Traffic Rules tab.
  2. Configure the server traffic rule settings:

    Settings Descriptions
    Outbound Proxy
    Add Select to add a third-party outbound proxy. You may add additional outbound proxies by selecting Add again.
    Hostname Enter the proxy hostname.
    Port Enter the port the third-party proxy uses to listen to the VMware Tunnel

    Select the proxy authentication method used.

    Selecting Basic or Ntlm displays the Credential text box.

    Credentials Enter the Username and Password for proxy authentication.
    Network Rules
    Add Select to add a server traffic rule.

    Enter the destination hostname that triggers the traffic rule.

    Rules for a Windows 10 device must use IP address as the hostname. Windows 10 devices support using the following wildcards:

    • 10.10.*

    If you are entering multiple hostnames, separate them by commas. You can use regular expressions in the hostname.


    Select the action that the VMware Tunnel applies to server traffic for the destination hostname.

    • Bypass – Bypass the proxy and send all traffic directly to the destination hostname.
    • Proxy – Send server traffic through the outbound proxy.

      Selecting Proxy displays the Outbound Proxy menu.

    Outbound Proxy

    Select the Outbound proxy to handle server traffic for the destination hostname. If you select multiple outbound proxies, the proxies are used in a round-robin format.

    The proxies that populate this menu are those proxies added in the Outbound Proxy Settings section.

  3. (Optional) Add any additional server traffic rules.
  4. Select Save to save your changes.
  5. Select Publish Rules to update send the rules to your VMware Tunnel server and auto-configure the servers to use these rules.

    Consider checking that your proxies are active and functional before publishing rules.