The configured service account with the impersonation role is used to subscribe to the notifications from the Exchange server. If the subscriptions exceed the defined limit for the account, then you can create additional service accounts and configure multiple Exchange servers.


You can configure multiple service accounts either during the installation process or after installation by using the ENS Config Tool Shortcut icon on your desktop. To configure multiple exchange servers, domains, and service accounts during installation proceed with the following steps:

  1. Select the Select to configure multiple Exchange Servers OR multiple Service accounts check box in the AirWatch Email Notification Service - InstallShield Wizard window. Select Finish.
  2. The ENS Config Tool appears. Select Configure Service Accounts.

      ENS Config Tool

  3. The ENS Service Account Configuration window appears with the exchange server, domains, and service account details that you configured earlier.
      ENS Ser Accnt Config
  4. To add Exchange servers, select the plus (+) symbol next to the required field. If you add Exchange servers, you must select the Exchange Server Type and the HTTP Scheme , and then enter the Hostname/I.P. Address. Select Add.
  5. The ENS Service Account Configuration Tool reappears with the new Hostname/I.P. Address data in the Exchange Servers field. Enter the Domain and the Service Accounts details.

You can also add additional domains and service accounts for the exchange server by selecting the plus (+) symbols next to the domain and service accounts fields.

  1. Select Save ENS Config and Exit.