Configuring the Boxer application involves adding it as a public application and assigning it with set email configurations to end users.

Smart Group Based Assignments

Create single or multiple smart group based assignments and deploy different Boxer email settings specific to a set of users in your organization. An assignment group is a representation of single or multiple smart groups that are assigned with same email configuration.


There are two parts to configure the deployment of VMware Boxer to iOS and Android devices. You must perform both procedures.

  1. Add VMware Boxer as a public application. See Add VMware Boxer to Public Applications for information.
  2. Assign the VMware Boxer to smart groups. See Assign VMware Boxer with Email Settings for details.

For in-depth instructions on deploying public applications, see the AirWatch Online Help topic Public Application Overview at


When you deploy Boxer as a public app in a PowerShell deployment, you must configure a device access rule on Exchange to allow Boxer users to access emails. For more information about configuring the device access rule, see Workaround for Boxer Flexible Deployment section of Mobile Email Management (MEM) Guide.