After you configure and publish device profiles with Derived Credentials as the Credential Source, end users install and configure the VMware PIV-D app on their device. This ensures the device profile are pushed and installed on the managed iOS or Android device.

End users follow these steps on their iOS device to install the VMware PIV-D Manager.

To install application, do the following:

  1. Enroll the device using the AirWatch Agent. For instructions, see Enroll an iOS Device with the AirWatch Agent.
  2. After the device is enrolled, tap the prompt to install the VMware PIV-D Manager. You can also download the app through the app catalog.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by your administrator which requires you to smart card authenticate to the PIV-D provider Self-Service Portal (SSP).

    If you did not pre-select a Derived Credentials Provider from the AirWatch Console, your end users must select the provider and follow the steps for the selected provider:

  4. After authentication from the PIV-D provider SSP, complete the enrollment process in the VMware PIV-D Manager.

Once enrollment is complete, the application shows the Derived Credentials and trigger the installation of any device profiles that use a Derived Credential. Anytime a device profile is updated or a new one is created, the user needs to launch the VMware PIV-D Manager for the new profile to get pushed down to the mobile device.

Navigate to Settings > General> Device Management to view the profile and the certificates on the device as a managed profile on the device.