The Windows Phone Agent Settings page lets you configure the options for the AirWatch Agent for Windows Phone devices.

  • Current Setting – Select whether to Inherit or Override the displayed settings. Inherit means use the settings of the current organization group's parent OG, while Override enables the settings for editing so you can modify the current OG's settings directly.

DM Sessions Settings

Setting Description
Enterprise Name

Set the Enterprise Name that the Workplace feature of the Windows Phone device shows when a device is enrolled in AirWatch.

Device Sync Interval (min) Set the time (in minutes or hours) the native DM client waits before checking in with the AirWatch Console.

AirWatch Agent Settings

Setting Description
Heartbeat Interval (min) Set the time (in minutes) the agent waits before checking in with the AirWatch Console.
Data Sample Interval (min) Set the time (in minutes) the agent waits to collect data from the device.
Profile Refresh Interval (min) Set the frequency (in minutes) the profile list of each device refreshes on the server.
Enable Passcode Enable the use of a passcode to access the agent settings on the device.
Administrative Passcode

Enter the administrative passcode to enter for access to agent settings on the device.

Collect Location Data Enable to collect the location data from the device. The location is determined based on the Wi-Fi network of the device. When located data is available, the agent sends the location data to the console at the Transmit Interval.
GPS Sample Interval (min) Set the time (in minutes) the agent waits before collecting GPS data from the device.
Enable Push Notification Services Enable to allow the console to send Push Notifications to devices.

Enterprise App Management

Setting Description
Enable Enterprise App Management Enable to use the Enterprise Application Management feature for pushing internal applications to Windows Phone devices.
Upload Enterprise Token

Select Change to upload an Enterprise Token for use with Enterprise Application Management.


This token expires annually. If the token is expired and still enabled, you cannot enroll into this organization group.

About Page Configuration

Setting Description
Customize About Page Content Enable to display a text field for customizing the agent about page.
  • Child Permission – Select the available behavior of child organization groups that exist below the currently selected organization group. Inherit only means child OGs are only allowed to inherit these settings. Override only means they override the settings, and Inherit or Override means you can choose to inherit or override settings in child OGs that exist below the currently selected OG.