To apply AirWatch features built with the AirWatch SDK, you must apply the applicable default or custom profile to an application. Apply the profile when you upload or edit the application to the AirWatch Console.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Internal.
  2. Add or edit an application.
  3. Select a profile on the SDK tab:

    • Default Settings Profile
      • For Android applications, select the Android Default Settings @ <Organization Group>.
      • For Apple iOS applications, select the iOS Default Settings @ <Organization Group>.
    • Custom Settings Profile – For Android and Apple iOS applications, select the applicable legacy or custom profile.
  4. Make other configurations and then save the application and create assignments for its deployment.

Changes to Default and Custom Profiles

When you make changes to the default or custom profile, AirWatch applies these edits when you select Save.

Changes can take a few minutes to push to end-user devices. Users can close and restart AirWatch applications to receive updated settings.

For more topics about the SDK and mobile application management, see MAM Functionality With SDK Functions.