You can quickly rollback applications that have bugs or major issues through with product provisioning. Upload and assign multiple versions of the same application to devices to meet your organization needs.

Only Product Provisioning allows you to upload two versions of the same application as separate application items. Mobile Application Management through the AirWatch Console does not support this functionality.

To push previous versions of an app to a device through product provisioning, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Components > Applications and select Add Application.
  2. Upload the previous version of the application you want on devices. See Upload an Application for more information.

  3. Create a Product containing the downgrade version of the app. See Create a Product.
  4. Activate the new product to push the downgrade version of the app to provisioned devices.

AirWatch recommends deactivating the product with the newer version of the app before activating the downgrade product. If both products are active at the same time, the products will attempt to keep pushing both versions.