You must configure the Cloud Notification Service (CNS) and download the configuration (.xml) file using the AirWatch Console to install ENS in an on-premise deployment.


To configure the ENS V2 settings on the AirWatch Console:

  1. Select the required organization group.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings.
  3. From the System column, select Advanced.
  4. From the URL values page, select Cloud Notification Service URL text box and provide the CNS URL.
  5. From the left navigation pane, select Security and then select SSL Pinning. Follow the instructions to configure the SSL Pinning certificate.
  6. If you have logged in as a Global Admin, then change the Organization Group to the child Organization Group, for which you are configuring the ENS.

  7. From the Settings page, select Email and then select Email Notification.
  8. To enable Email Notification, select Yes and then select Save. After the settings are saved, the Download Configuration option is displayed.
  9. Select Download Configuration.
  10. From the Download email configuration page, select Certificate Password text box and provide a password to download the configuration. The password you provide for downloading the configuration should again be provided during ENS installation.
  11. Select Confirm Password text box and provide the password again to confirm.
  12. Select Download. Save the archived .xml file for completing the ENS installation.