Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (EFOTA) allows you to manage and restrict firmware updates on Samsung devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and higher.

This is helpful in allowing you to perform testing to resolve internal application compatibility issues and monitor available updates across devices and carriers before pushing firmware updates to your device fleet.

The Samsung EFOTA flow involves registering your EFOTA settings provided by your licensed reseller, enabling "Register Enterprise FOTA" in the Android restrictions profile, viewing and selecting applicable updates to push to devices.


Samsung EFOTA can only be configured at customer level Organization Group, so all devices registered under that Organization Group receive updates. Consider creating a separate Organization Group for testing before pushing to all devices.

To configure Samsung EFOTA settings using AirWatch:

  1. Register Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over The Air Updates

    For more information, see Devices & Users / Android / Samsung Enterprise FOTA

  2. Configure Restrictions Profile (Samsung EFOTA)
  3. Publish Firmware Updates (Android).

    For more information, see Android Updates Overview.