After installing the AirWatch Agent, end users can enroll into AirWatch depending on the staging method you selected earlier.

  • If you preregistered the device, then it should be automatically assigned to the user it is associated with in the AirWatch Console.
  • If you selected None as the staging mode, the device is already enrolled to the Default Enrollment User you selected.
  • If you did not preregister devices and opted for Single User Staging, then users are prompted to enter their credentials when they enroll using the AirWatch Agent.

    More information on enrolling through the AirWatch Agent can be found in Enroll an iOS Device with the AirWatch Agent.

  • If you selected Multi User Staging, then the device will launch into Shared Device mode, where end users can enter their credentials to check the device out.

    More information on shared device mode can be found in Shared Devices Overview.