Work Access is the native MDM enrollment method for Windows 10 devices. Enrolling through Work Access without WADS requires manually entering end-user credentials.


Consider using the AirWatch Agent for Windows to enroll your Windows 10 devices instead of using native MDM enrollment. The native MDM enrollment flow does not enroll devices into MDM if you use Office 365 or Azure AD on the same domain.

To enroll through Work Access without WADS:

  1. Navigate on the device to Settings > Accounts > Work Access and select Enroll in to device management.


  2. Enter the user name you provided to your end user into the Email text box, followed by the domain for the environment in the format (such as
  3. Enter server address as follows: <DeviceServicesURL>/DeviceServices/ Do not include 'https://' in the URL. For example:
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Enter the Group ID and select Next.

  6. Enter your username and password and select Next.

    These credentials may be your directory services credentials, or dedicated credentials specific to your AirWatch environment.

  7. (Optional) Review the End-User License Agreement and select Accept to agree to the terms of use.

    This step is optional and only displays if you choose to enable it.

  8. (Optional) Select Yes to save sign-in info.

The device then attempts to connect to AirWatch. If it connects successfully, a briefcase icon displays with AirWatch written next to it. This icon shows your successful connection to AirWatch.