Using the Windows OS Upgrade file/action, upgrade your Motorola and Zebra Windows Rugged devices remotely. By creating a product containing the OS Upgrade file/action, you can upgrade all your devices without having them shipped back to you.


In order to use the Windows Rugged OS Upgrade, you must have the following:

  • The MSP Package Builder utility installed on your computer.
  • A Motorola user account to download the OS Upgrade.
  • The serial number for the device you want to upgrade.
  • The OS update utility which should be included with the extracted .APF files.

    This can be downloaded from the Zebra support website.

  • A relay server configured to deliver the product to the device.

To upgrade your Windows Rugged devices using Windows OS Upgrade:

  1. Extract Required OS Upgrade Files.
  2. Create an OS Upgrade File/Action.
  3. Push a product containing the OS Upgrade File/Action.