Upgrade the AirWatch Agent for QNX using product provisioning. This upgrade process requires creating a product containing the agent and install scripts.

  1. Create a files/actions containing:

    • AirWatch Agent for QNX
    • Install.sh
    • Awotamigrate.sh

    For more information, see Create a Files/Actions Component.

  2. Create a product that downloads the file/action to the device. For more information, see Create a Product.
  3. Run chmod with executable permissions for each of the downloaded files.
  4. Run ./Install.sh to perform the agent upgrade.

    • If the script detects that a version of the agent is already installed, it will call awotamigrate.sh to do the upgrade.
    • If the script does not detect a version of the agent already installed, the agent is installed fresh
    • The -f flag can be specified to force a new install of the agent, even if an existing agent is currently installed.
    • The agent does not support downgrading from a later version of the agent to an earlier version.