If you forget your corporate password for FileVault, you can use a Recovery Key to regain access.

To create a FileVault Corporate Recovery Key:

  1. On a macOS computer (10.8+), navigate to System Preferences > Users & Groups.
  2. Unlock your preferences by choosing the lock and typing your admin password.

  3. Choose Set a Master Password.

  4. Choose a password that will be used to secure the new FileVaultMaster.keychain that will be used to store your Corporate Recovery Key.
  5. Navigate to Library > Keychains to find the FileVaultMaster.keychain and FileVaultMaster.cer files.
  6. Save the FileVaultMaster.keychain in a safe place. You will need this later to decrypt devices at a later time.

The FileVaultMaster.cer can now be uploaded into the AirWatch Disk Encryption profile for distribution to devices.