The App Scan Integration system includes alternating actions between AirWatch and FireEye MTP. Actions happen in a sequence so that the system reports accurate results and AirWatch can act against threats identified by the system.

Interactions between the systems occur in the listed order.

AirWatch Pre-requisites

  • Configure an integration admin.
  • Enable REST APIs.
  • To receive scan results, create two app groups, one Android and the other Apple iOS, with the same name .
1. FireEye MTP Actions
  1. Enable communication.

    See FireEye MTP documentation for details on configuring integration in the FireEye MTP Management Portal.

Result – AirWatch sends applications to FireEye MTP.

2. FireEye MTP Actions
  1. Analyze applications.
  2. Identify offending Android and Apple iOS applications.

Result – FireEyE MTP sends results to AirWatch.

3. AirWatch Actions

  1. Displays blacklisted applications in the pre-configured app groups.
  2. Configure compliance policies to act on devices with malicious applications.

Result – AirWatch acts as per compliance policies on offending devices.