The collection of GPS coordinates relates to privacy concerns in a fundamental way. While it is not appropriate to collect GPS data for employee-owned devices, the following notes apply to all devices enrolled in AirWatch.

  • Only the AirWatch Agent application has the ability to relay device GPS location data back to the AirWatch console.
    • Other AirWatch apps that utilize the AirWatch SDK such as VMware Browser, Content Locker, Boxer, and so forth, do not report GPS data back to the AirWatch console.
    • GPS is typically used for lost or stolen devices. It is also used when knowing the location of a device is inherently part of the AirWatch console function such as geofencing. For more information, see Geofences.
    • When GPS data is reported, AirWatch defines a 1-kilometer region around this location. It then reports location information whenever the device moves outside the region or whenever the user opens an AirWatch or internal application. No new GPS data is reported unless one of these actions occurs.