Once you have completed the installation of the server components, you must import device profiles by running the resource pack utility on the Advanced Remote Management (ARM) server.

To begin importing device profiles, take the following steps.

  1. Once you have completed installation of the ARM components, the Resource Pack Utility automatically opens.
  2. Complete the Authentication screen.

    Setting Description
    Target Tenant Url:

    Enter the tenant URL for the customer environment. For example, https://rmstage01.awmdm.com.

    Username Enter the username credentials. The default username is admin.

    Enter the password credentials. The default password is admin.

    Admin URL:

    Enter the Admin URL: http://admin.controlplane.aetherpal.internal:80

    Ensure to specify the port number. The default port is 80. If port 80 is in use, then use port 8080.

  1. Select Next.
  2. If you have not reset the default password on the admin web portal, the Resource Pack prompts you to reset the password. After completing the password fields, select Update Password. Ensure you store the password for future use.
  3. Complete the Resource Import screen.

    Select individual device profiles that you want to import. Alternatively, you may select the ‘Select All’ checkbox located above the listing. This selects all device profiles in the entire list.

  4. Once you have finished selecting device profiles, select the Import button. The right panel displays the ARM server confirmation messages as it progresses through the importation of all the selected device profiles.
  5. Once the import process is complete, select Exit.

Next, proceed to Configure the AirWatch Console.