The Memcached settings page lets on-premises customers configure Memcached server nodes.

Memcached is a distributed data caching application available for use with AirWatch environments that reduces the workload on the AirWatch database. It replaces the previous caching solution, AW Cache, and is intended for deployments of more than 5,000 devices. Once enabled in the AirWatch Console, Memcached begins storing system setting values and organization group tree information as they are accessed in the Console. When a request for data is sent, AirWatch automatically checks for the results stored in memory by Memcached before checking the database, thereby reducing the database workload. If this fails, result data is then retrieved from the database and stored in Memcached for future queries. As new values are added and existing values are changed, they are written to both Memcached and the database. Note that all key/values in Memcached expire after 24 hours.

For more information about implementing this for your on-premises deployment, contact AirWatch.