The Maps settings page lets you view and edit the MS Bing Key for communication with their maps API. This is used to display devices on a map within the AirWatch Console, as well as geofencing policies.

The Max Device Locations setting represents the maximum number of device locations displayed on the Device List View and Location tab of the Device Details pages.

The Min Distance Between Locations (in ft) setting represents the minimum distance in feet between consecutive locations reported by the device. If the distance between two reported locations in a row are less than the entered value, then the value is not captured in the console.

  • This setting works together with the Max Device Locations setting above, which controls how many data points are collected, and the Min Distance Between Locations dictates how often they are collected based on the user's movements.
  • A value of 0 entered for this setting captures all duplicate locations. So if Max Device Locations is set to 100 and Min Distance Between Locations is set to 0, then all 100 location data points will be taken without regard for the user's change in location, including duplicate locations.