Use the following instructions to configure server-related settings.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > VMware Identity Manager and select the Configure button from the Server section.
  2. Enter your server information.

    Setting Description

    Bind to AirWatch by entering the URL of your VMware Identity Manager tenant.

    A valid license for VMware Identity Manager is required.

    Admin user name Enter the administrator user name, which is case-sensitive.
    Admin Password Enter the administrator password, which is case-sensitive.
  3. Verify that you have established proper connectivity by selecting the Test Connection button.
  4. Select the Save button to save your selections and proceed to the next configuration screen.

    Setting Description
    Directory AirWatch imports the directory name based on your existing directory in AirWatch. Enter the same directory name as used by VMware Identity Manager.
    Enable Custom Mapping

    Enable custom mapping as applicable to map the directory integration in AirWatch to VMware Identity Manager so they are in sync.

    Most directory service configurations use Standard mapping. Custom mapping attributes are for customers who have a non-standard directory service database value mapping or an otherwise customized configuration between a directory service and AirWatch.

    Password Directory services user's password.
    ExternalID Identifies the source of a user, in case multiple users have the same user name.
    Roles Default role of the directory service user.
    UserStore The name of the user store to which a user belongs.

    Directory service user's email address.

    The email address mapped according to this attribute must be the same email which was used in the original configuration between directory services and AirWatch. Otherwise this setting, and by extension the user's entire account, syncs incorrectly.

    User name* User name associated with the directory services.
    First name* Directory service user's first name.
    Last name* Directory service user's last name.
    Phone Phone number of the directory service user.
    Disabled Indicates whether the directory account is disabled.
    EmployeeID Select the employee ID from the drop-down listing.
    DistinguishedName Select the distinguished name for the directory services user from the drop-down listing.
    UserPrincipalName Select the principal user name for the Directory services user from the drop-down listing.

    * Required settings for both Standard and Custom attribute mapping.


     The mapping attribute settings presented here are default settings. You can add more attributes.

  5. Select the Save button to save your configuration and refresh the page.
  6. Initiate a synchronization of the structures within your directory services and VMware Identity Management by selecting the Sync Now button.