The Email Notification Service (ENS) adds Push Notification support to Exchange. VMware Boxer provide notifications about your emails by running in the background. Due to platform limitations, Boxer can only run in the background for a limited time. Email Notification Service (ENSv2) provides a solution to deliver notifications to user's device when Boxer is not running. ENSv2 supports notifications that includes the email subject and a badge icon to notify the number of unread emails in the Inbox on the server.

This document provides the information required to install and configure the ENSv2 as a cloud-hosted service.

ENSv2 with Boxer

ENSv2 uses Exchange Web Services (EWS) subscriptions to notify changes in users' mailboxes. The EWS subscriptions can go inactive due to different reasons and the systems involved should check to make sure that the subscriptions are active.

ENSv2 uses a check-in mechanism within Boxer and also proactively checks the EWS subscription status to ensure the continuous delivery of notifications. The check-in mechanism used by ENSv2 require intervention from Boxer to renew the EWS subscriptions. The functionality of ENSv2 also depends on the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) to deliver silent notifications to the device.

The dependency of ENSv2 on EWS and APNs can cause the following scenarios:

  • No push notifications received when device notification is set to Do Not Disturb
  • No push notifications received for up to one hour when the device is actively used (Boxer in the background)
  • Inaccurate badge counts that is updated after receiving an email

Bringing the Boxer app to the foreground thereby allowing the ENSv2 to renew EWS subscriptions will solve the notification errors.