You can configure devices in your organization to enroll as Android for Work - work managed mode automatically using Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) portal.

Work Managed mode, also referred to as Device Owner, is scoped to the whole device on Android for Work devices. The device owner has a much greater level of control over the device, and can configure policies, lock down the device, prevent access to certain apps and settings, and prevent malicious behavior.

To configure using the KME portal with Android for Work devices:

  1. In the KME Portal, Select Add to create a MDM Profile to configure enrollment into an environment where Android for Work is enabled.:


    For more information on configuring Android for Work, see Introduction to AirWatch Integration with Android for Work.

  2. On the next page, select Add MDM applications and enter the URL for the AirWatch Agent. Do not add any other MDM applications.:

    KME_add mdm apps

  3. Select Enable this app as a Google Device Owner to set the Agent APK as device owner.

  4. Choose AirWatch in the Supported MDM drop-down.


  5. In the custom JSON field below, add {"gid":"yourgroupID"} which specifies the Organization Group ID for device enrollment.



    The group ID key {gid} is not the same as normal KME (non-Android for Work).

  6. Optional Add extra EULA agreements or Knox licenses to the configuration.

  7. Select Add User to create the enrollment user name and password to the device in KME portal.

    add user_kme


  8. Navigate to the Devices Details page, select, and edit the device to assign the MDM profile and enrollment user. The device needs to be pre-registered in the portal, typically by your Samsung Reseller.


  9. From a factory state, power on the device and connect it to the Internet through the cellular network or Wi-Fi. Knox mobile enrollment automatically starts and enrolls the device into work managed mode.