In order to deploy and manage public apps from Google Play inside the Knox Container, Android for Work and the Google Play Store needs to be enabled through the AirWatch Console.

Play for Work applications are configured inside the Knox container after the device is enrolled, the Knox container is created, and Android for Work is configured in the Console. Play for Work public apps that are configured in the console will be pushed through Play for Work. In cases where the device is already enrolled, the Agent will check on-demand for an Android for Work token, which will be used to configure Play for Work.

This process includes adding and approving applications for integration between AirWatch and Samsung Knox from the Google Play Store which can be accessed from the AirWatch Console. After approval, assign the application to devices using smart groups, an AirWatch system that allows you to group devices on criteria you set. The final step is to assign the Terms of Use.

Applications that you push through the integration of AirWatch and Samsung Knox have the similar functionality as their counterparts from the Google Play Store in that app are not automatically installed. End users only have access to whitelisted applications inside the managed Play Store, and can install these applications on-demand.

For more information on how to upload, approve, and deploy public apps, see Public Applications Overview.