Locking down your devices with AirWatch Launcher includes the configuration of a profile and the deployment of the application to your device fleet. This profile allows complete customization of the look and feel of the device, and access to important settings and native applications depending on the app mode selected.

AirWatch Launcher can be configured in one of three app modes. Single App mode enables you to lock each device into a single app and prevent access to other features or settings on the device. You can provide access to dependent apps, set as hidden apps. Multi App mode enables you to restrict the Launcher profile to a limited set of whitelisted apps and customize the layout. Template Mode enables you to customize the entire user interface of the Launcher app such as app spaces, images, and text.

After you configure all desired settings for your organization and selected app mode, determine what version of AirWatch Launcher you are pushing to our device fleet. You can control which devices receive the AirWatch Launcher by configuring the smart group assignment within the General profile when creating the Launcher profile.