Compare the MDM functionality available in each version of the Windows 10 OS. AirWatch supports all versions of Windows 10 OS and the functions they support.

The different editions of Windows 10 (Home, Professional, Enterprise, and Education) have different functionality. Windows 10 Home edition does not support the advanced functionality available to the Windows 10 OS. AirWatch recommends using Enterprise or Education editions for the most functionality.

Feature Windows 10 OS Version
Home Professional Enterprise 1 Education
Activation & Enrollment

Native Client Enrollment

Agent Based Enrollment
Requires a Windows Account ID        
Force EULA/Terms of Use Acceptance
Support for Option Prompts during Enrollment
Active Directory/ LDAP
Cloud Domain Join Enrollment  
Out of Box Experience Enrollment  
Bulk Provisioning Enrollment  
Device Staging
Email Messages  
Security Policies & Compliance Monitoring
Password Policy
Enterprise Wipe
Full Device Wipe
Over-the-Air Provisioning
Email & Exchange ActiveSync
Certificate Management
Device Restrictions and Settings
Passport for Work 3
Encryption 4
Application Control (AppLocker)    
Health Attestation
Windows Update for Business  
Assigned Access    
Application Management
Application Management  
AirWatch Applications
VMware Browser 4
VMware Content Locker 4
Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking  
Device Status  
IP Address        
Location 5 5 5 5
Remote Management Support

Send Support Message (Email and SMS only)


1 – Enterprise also includes IoT Enterprise and Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB). LTSB is a separate Windows 10 Enterprise image with many native apps, including Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and the Windows Store, removed. Some AirWatch functionality which leverage these features will not be supported.

2 – Microsoft Passport requires TPM 1.2 or 2.0 hardware based protection of credentials or keys; if no TPM exists or is configured, credentials and keys protection will be OS-based.

3 – Device encryption for home does not include BitLocker encryption.

4 – Can be downloaded from the Windows Store only. Windows 10 Home does not support pushing internal apps.

5 – Requires the AirWatch Agent downloaded from the Windows Store.