Device-based VPP applications had update issues due to their disassociation from the Apple ID. AirWatch developed a system to help with the updates of device-based applications. You can configure automatic updates or manually push updates.


In the device-based VPP method of managed distribution, the device serial number is the connection between licenses and the application. It replaces the Apple ID. However, the update of the application is still tied to the Apple ID because the Apple ID is tied to the purchase history. Device-based applications can miss updates because the Apple ID is removed from the license-assignment process.



AirWatch checks the app store for updates of your device-based VPP applications and identifies when updates are available in the UI.

Enable automatic updates for device-based VPP applications and AirWatch updates these applications whenever it identifies an updated is available.

If you want to control the version of an application, leave automatic updates disabled and manually push updates when needed.


See Managed Distribution by Device Serial Number for general information about the managed distribution method by device serial number. This topic includes supported operating systems, benefits, and the need for no VPP invitations.