Managed domains are another way AirWatch enhances Apple's "open in" security feature on macOS computers. Use the "open in" feature and manage email domains to protect corporate data by helping end users verify which emails are sent to corporate accounts.

To configure a Managed Domains profile:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > Add > Add Profile. Select Apple macOS, and then select whether this profile will apply to only the enrollment user on the device ( User Profile), or the entire device ( Device Profile).
  2. Configure the profile's General settings.

    These settings determine how the profile deploys and who receives it. For more information on General settings, see Add General Profile Settings.

  3. Select the Managed Domains payload from the list.
  4. Enter Managed Emails Domains to specify which email addresses are corporate domains. For example: Emails sent to other domains are highlighted in the email application to indicate that the address is not part of the corporate domain.
  5. Select Save & Publish.