When you migrate to the latest AirWatch SDK for Android, you must add the necessary libraries and add dependencies to Gradle. Also ensure that the base classes have the latest code.

Migrate to version 18.x

The SDK for Android does not require entries to migrate from 17.x.

Migrate to version 17.x

Add the following entry to the build.gradle file.

android {
                  defaultConfig {
                  ndk {
                  abiFilters "x86", "armeabi-v7a", "armeabi"

Updates for the AWNetworkLibrary

The AirWatch SDK for Android 17.x removes the requirement to send an authentication token in an HTTP header. See Use the AWNetworkLibrary for updated requirements.

Migrate version 16.x to version 16.10

Select a migration process based on the use of a login module for initialization.

Login Module

To upgrade the master key manager, override the getPassword method in the application class. This override extends AWApplication to handle the upgrade.

                  public String getPassword() {
                  if (SDKKeyManager.getSdkMasterKeyVersion(context) != SDKKeyManager.SDK_MASTER_KEY_CURRENT_VERSION){
                  return super.getPassword();

No Login Module

Initialize your SDKContextManager and call the updateSDKForUpgrade() API.

try 	{    
                  	new SDKContextHelper().updateSDKForUpgrade(0,
                  new SDKContextHelper.AWContextCallBack() {                
                  	public void onSuccess(int requestCode, Object result) { 
                  //success continue 
                  	public void onFailed(AirWatchSDKException e) {  
                  // failed 
                  } catch (AirWatchSDKException e) {    
                  	//handle exception

Migrate version 15.11 to version 16.02 or 16.04

  • Libraries
    • A total of 23 libraries including JAR and AAR files
    • SQLCipher library is an AAR file instead of JAR file
  • Gradle Methods
    • For 16.02 – compile (name:'AWFramework 16.02',ext:'aar')

    • For 16.04 – compile (name:'AWFramework 16.04',ext:'aar')

    • For both – compile (name:'sqlcipher-3.5.2-2',ext:'aar')

  • Code

    Check the implementation of base classes if you are not using the login module for initialization.

For a list of the base classes that you migrate for the latest release of the AirWatch SDK for Android, see the following AirWatch Knowledge Base article: https://support.air-watch.com/articles/115001676868.