Before deploying Tizen devices, you should consider the following prerequisites, requirements, supporting materials, and helpful suggestions from the AirWatch team. Familiarizing yourself with the information available in this section helps prepare you for deploying Tizen devices.

Supported Operating Systems

  • 2.3
  • 2.4


Before using the procedures in this guide, please ensure you have the following:

  • Appropriate Admin Permissions – Allows you to create profiles, policies and manage devices within the AirWatch Console.
  • Enrollment URL – Links to your organization's enrollment environment and takes you directly to the enrollment screen. For example,
  • Group ID – Associates your device with your corporate role and is defined in the AirWatch Console.
  • Credentials – Authenticates you as an end user in your AirWatch environment. These credentials may be the same as your network directory services or may be uniquely defined in the AirWatch Console.