You can manage Android for Work settings and configurations using the AirWatch Console. You may configure the settings once Android for Work has been successfully enabled on the end user's device.

Admins have the ability to perform one time commands including lock devices, wipe devices and change a passcode from the AirWatch Console. For Lollipop devices, these commands will apply at either the Work Profile or Work Managed Device level depending on the ownership of the device.

The following commands are available from this view:

  • Lock Device – Lock all selected devices and force users to re-enter device security PIN. This option applies to the Work Profile and Work Managed Devices.
  • Device Wipe – Wipes all data from the selected device, including all data, email, profiles and MDM capabilities and returns the device to factory default settings. This setting only applies to the Work Managed Device type.
  • Enterprise Wipe – Remove the Work Profile and Work Managed Device capabilities from the Android device.