Integrate VMware Boxer with other components in your AirWatch deployment for more control of your enterprise email system.

Email Notification Service (iOS Only, Optional)

Deploy the Email Notification Service (ENS) to provide real-time email notifications.

The Email Notification Service (ENS) adds Apple Push Notification support to Exchange. On iOS, a third-party app can either receive notifications using Apple’s background app refresh or Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) technologies. Background app refresh is used by default because each app may provide notifications at irregular intervals using this method. However, iOS attempts to balance the needs of all apps and the system itself.

To provide notifications quickly and consistently, Apple also provides APNs. APNs allows a remote server to send notifications to the user for that application, however Exchange does not natively support this APNs. ENS adds APNs support to your deployment to allow quick and consistent notifications about new items in your end users' email inboxes.

For more information on deploying Email Notification Service, see the AirWatch Online Help topic, Introduction to Email Notification Service at

AirWatch Mobile Email Management Models (Optional)

Configure one of the AirWatch email deployment models, either Secure Email Gateway (SEG) or PowerShell.

For more information on choosing a MEM deployment model, see the AirWatch Online Help topic Protect Email Infrastructure at ]