Review the following notes and considerations before you configure and deploy VMware Boxer.


You can use VMware Boxer on devices enrolled and managed in AirWatch or on iOS and Android devices using standalone enrollment.

Typical enrollment uses the AirWatch Agent or the AirWatch Container to enroll the device into AirWatch. You can also enroll devices through Workspace ONE step-up enrollment.

Standalone enrollment is unique to VMware Boxer. This enrollment method allows end users to download the VMware Boxer app from the App Store or the Google Play Store without enrolling first. When the end user configures Boxer, they must provide their login credentials such as their user name, password, server URL, and group ID.

Standalone Enrollment supports (optional) AirWatch Autodiscovery that can be configured on the AirWatch Console. Autodiscovery system allows end users to enroll devices to environments and organization groups (OG) using their email addresses.

For more information on Autodiscovery setup and configuration, see Autodiscovery Enrollment.


The server URL and user group ID are pre-populated on the end-user devices from Autodiscovery Service during Standalone enrollment.


As an admin, you can upload S/MIME certificates from the AirWatch Console (AirWatch v9.0+). End users can upload the certificates to Self Service Portal (SSP) or can send the certificates as email attachments for installation on their device.

For more information on how to upload S/MIME certificates, see Create Basic User Accounts.

Other Supported Capabilities

  • Certificate-Based Authentication - VMware Boxer supports certificate-based authentication using Certificate Authority (CA) that is configured in AirWatch for iOS and Android platforms. SCEP is not supported for certificate-based authentication.
  • Information Rights Management - VMware Boxer supports information rights management for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • VPP Application Deployment - You can deploy VMware Boxer for iOS through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) from the AirWatch Console. This deployment allows end users to download the app without the need to enter Apple ID. For more information on how to deploy applications through VPP, see the topic Purchased Applications (Apple VPP) Feature Overview at