The AirWatch Content Management solution supports integration with your Corporate File Servers (CFS). Corporate File Servers refer to existing repositories that reside within an organization's internal network.


Corporate File Server integration supports the following features:

  • Secure integration
  • Protect access to organization's internal network
  • Advanced integration options using Content Gateway and Remote File Storage


The AirWatch Content Management solution provides the following security options:

  • SSL encryption for data transit
  • Control access and download rights of AirWatch administrators
  • Content stored within organization's network
  • Only metadata stored in AirWatch database. Support for review and management of the stored metadata.


Depending on an organization's structure, the AirWatch administrator might or might not have administrative permissions for a CFS. After the AirWatch Content Management solution is integrated with CFS, the end-user devices can sync the content from the servers using VMware Content Locker. For more information, see Overview for AirWatch Content Management Enterprise Integration Solution to sync Corporate File Server Support.