Download the peer-to-peer server from the Peer Distribution page in the AirWatch Console. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard. For reference, the wizard includes the depicted instances.

  1. Ensure the machine that hosts the peer-to-peer server meets the requirements listed in Requirements for Peer-To-Peer Distribution.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Peer Distribution and download the server.
  3. Open the server installer executable.
  4. Select a SQL Server Type and configure the Settings.
    • To download and use a new instance of SQL Server Express, configure where the wizard installs SQL Server Express.

    • To use an existing SQL Database or SQL Express Server, enter the SQL server and login information. Details include name of the database server, the SQL instance name, the port of connection and the authentication details.

  5. Select Install.

    The peer distribution server downloads and installs.

    If you downloaded a new instance of SQL Server Express, the server downloads and installs along with the peer distribution server.


  6. Copy the Security Key to enter in to the AirWatch Console. Also, enter the name and IP address of the new.

Re-Run the Installer For a New Security Key

You can generate a new key if you misplace the original one.

  1. Re-run the installer.
  2. Select the option Generate a New VMware Shared Key in the Installations Settings area.


  3. Select Upgrade to complete the process.

Firewall Rules Block SQL Server Express

If your firewall rules on the server block the free SQL Server Express download, install it manually.

  1. Download SQL Server Express from on a machine without firewall restrictions.
  2. On the server machine, copy and extract the downloaded SQL Server Express setup in c:\sqltemp.
  3. Enter the command-line parameter to install it.

    C:\sqltemp\Setup.exe /q /Hideconsole /ACTION=Install /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS
                            /Features=SQLEngine /TCPENABLED=1 /BROWSERSVCSTARTUPTYPE=Automatic /AddCurrentUserAsSQLAdmin

    The system generates SQL setup logs in %temp%.

  4. Run the peer-to-peer server installation wizard with the SQL Server Express.