Install the VMware Tunnel PAC Utility to use PAC files to configure your outbound proxies for the Per-App Tunnel component.


You must meet the following network requirements:

  • Access to the AirWatch API server

    The PAC utility requires access to the AirWatch API server. The server is typically accessed over port 443. Consider installing the PAC utility on your VMware Tunnel server as the server already has access to the AirWatch API server.

  • Access to the PAC file

    If you are hosting your PAC file on a Web server, the PAC utility must have access to that server.

  • Python 2.7 installed on the server
  • RHEL 6 and 7 as the server OS


To install the PAC utility:

  1. On the Linux server, extract the PAC utility from the VMware Tunnel installer bundle.

    The extract also creates the pacreader folder.

  2. Open the pacreader folder.
  3. To install the PAC utility in the pacreader folder, run the install script:

    sudo ./
  4. Configure the necessary properties in the file:

    Property Description
    API_SERVER_URL Enter the API server URL.
    API_KEY Enter the API key for the API server. Find this key by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API > API Key.
    OG_ID Enter the Organization Group ID for the OG in which the VMware Tunnel is configured.

    Enter the URL of the PAC file if you host it on a Web server.

    If you configure PAC_LINK, do not configure PAC_PATH.


    Enter the file path to the PAC file on the server.

    If you configure PAC_PATH, do not configure PAC_LINK.

  5. Start the PAC utility:

    ./ start