Pradeo Security Systems audits and manages the security of enterprise-created mobile applications and public applications. The system uses a proprietary engine that analyzes the binary and byte code of enterprise and public apps. Pradeo integrates with AirWatch using scheduled communications and REST APIs over HTTPS to transfer data.

The integration includes these schedulers and communication interactions.

  • AirWatch calls Pradeo APIs on schedule and using the AirWatch Integration Service.

  • AirWatch makes APIs available for Pradeo to call AirWatch endpoints and this availability is why you enable the REST API. Pradeo does not call AirWatch APIs.

  • Pradeo APIs use HTTPS, which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide communications security.

  • AirWatch calls to Pradeo APIs are synchronous and responses are immediate.
  • Integration uses port 443 for communication.

Integrating with other products offers convenience and flexibility to help manage mobile deployments. However, functionality is not guaranteed and it depends upon the proper functioning of third-party solutions.