Occasionally there will be conflicting products provisioned to devices due to similar grouping in smart groups and custom attributes. Product sets allow you to group conflicting products and rank the products based on business needs.

Product Sets Basics

Product sets contain multiple products that you want to keep mutually exclusive. Product sets are useful for situations where the products contained inside the product set consist of content that should only apply to specific devices within the parameters set by the rules engine using custom attributes.

The products in the product set follow a hierarchy based on ranking according to business needs. From a given product set, a device receives only one product that applies to the device. This product is the highest ranked product where the device meets the smart group and custom attribute rules criteria. Once a device receives a product from a product set, the device will not receive any other products from the set unless the rank of a subsequent product is elevated or a new product is created in the set with a higher rank.


A product must exist as either a standalone product or as part of a product set. The product set ensures the integrity of mutual exclusivity of products for a given device.

Create a Product Set

Create a product set to control the delivery of multiple products so a device receives only the specific product that applies to the device based on your business rules. For more information, see Create a Product Set.

Product Set Management

Managing product sets includes more requirements and actions from you than other management functionality in the AirWatch Console. As product sets create complicated relationships between smart groups and products, removing and editing product sets cause multiple reactions for each action taken. For more information, see Product Sets Management.