This section contains topics for creating products and staging devices as part of product provisioning. The product provisioning functionality supports different devices and operating systems. The functionality available changes based on the supported rugged device.


Overview and Features Matrix

Product provisioning functionality differs between supported platforms. Use this matrix to compare what AirWatch can do with different platforms.

Relay Servers

Relay servers act as a content distribution node to help in bandwidth and data use control. This section covers the installation and configuration of FTP servers to act as relay servers.

Device Staging

Enroll your rugged devices into AirWatch with methods that automatically configure the devices for use. Staging methods vary by platform and device.


Products control the ordered installation of files/actions, apps, and profiles. The products allow you to control when and how these components install onto devices.

Product Sets

Product sets create ranked groupings of products. This ranking allows you to group conflicting products and rank the products based on business needs.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes enable administrators to extract specific values from a managed device and return it to the AirWatch Console. You can also assign the attribute value to devices for use in product provisioning or device lookup values.

Product Management

Product management uses different actions and statuses than device management. Consult this section to view the different management options available.