The Assigned Access profile supports pinning applications to specific location on the device start screen.

To pin or allow certain applications to the start screen, you must select the application from the drop-down menu in the Assigned Access payload and then configure their placement. Refer to the image to the right to understand how to place an application on the start screen.

The start screen can be either small or large size (configurable in the Assigned Access payload). The small screen size has a total of 4 columns, while the large screen size has 6 columns.

The rows on a start screen are infinite. You can have as few or as many applications on the start screen as you want. Applications can have the sizing option of small, medium, or large:

  • Small applications are 1x1
  • Medium applications are 2x2
  • Large applications are 4x2


WinPh8_AssignedAccess_example2 In the image to the left, the AirWatch Agent is placed on the start screen. Measure the column and row values for where this application is placed. Referring to the coordinate system, the top left corner (used to place the apps position) is located at (2,0). When the Assigned Access profile is configured, input the column value of 2 and row value of 0.