You may need to change the applications included in the AirWatch App Launcher. This action requires admin credentials to perform.

To make Admin configurations in the AirWatch App Launcher:

  1. Open the AirWatch App Launcher application on the device.
  2. Enter the Admin passcode in the Password text box and select Accept.
  3. Select the option to Import, Export, or Add applications from and to the list.
  4. Select Add to add an application and complete the following options on the Add Application screen:
    • Application Location – Defines the file path of the application or select the Browse option.
    • Application Name – Defines the name of the application to display in the AirWatch App Launcher.
    •   Arguments – Defines command-line arguments to run the application.
    •   Launch On Start – Starts the application when the AirWatch App Launcher is started.
    •   Hide from User – Masks the application in the user interface.
    •   Console Application – Defines the application as not having a user interface or as a background process.
  5. Select Save.