This section contains topics for creating and managing device profiles. Device profiles contain the settings that, when combined with compliance policies, help you enforce corporate rules and procedures.


Device Profiles (General)

This section covers general profile concepts that apply to most device platforms. For example, every device profile requires you to enter general information about who should receive it and more.

Device Resources

Device Resources simplify the provisioning of Wi-Fi, VPN, and Exchange payloads for AirWatch deployments that support multiple device platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Android Profiles

Create device profiles for the Android platform. Android for Work profiles have their own device payloads, and Samsung Knox has its own options for container-based settings.

Android for Work Profiles

Android for Work profiles can differ depending on whether you are deploying to a Work Profile on a device or a Work Managed device. This section covers the differences between the two and all available payloads.

Samsung Knox Profiles

Samsung Knox has both device and container-based profiles, and this section explains the difference between the two, as well as the available payloads.

iOS Profiles

The iOS platform has many payloads for configuring various types of supported functionality. This section explains each of them.

macOS Profiles

If you are managing macOS laptops, then this section explains how each of the available payloads lets you fine-tune settings for productivity, usability, and accessibility. Apply settings at either the user or device level.

tvOS Profiles

tvOS has basic profile support to help get your tvOS devices up and running.

Windows Desktop Profiles

Windows Desktop profiles apply to any device running the Windows 8.1/10 operating system that is enrolled in MDM. For example, control when and how devices receive updates.

Windows Phone Profiles

Windows Phone profiles apply to mobile phones running Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile. Certain settings are dependent on version.

Windows 7 Profiles

Create Windows 7 profiles to apply available settings to any Windows 7 PCs you have enrolled in your AirWatch deployment.

Windows Rugged Profiles

Windows Rugged profiles apply to Windows Mobile devices. You can create these profiles and then provision them as part of a product through the product provisioning functionality.

Chrome OS Legacy Profiles

Chrome OS legacy profiles apply to Chrome OS devices and support basic payloads to provide MDM functionality.

Chrome OS Profiles

Chrome OS profiles serve many different purposes; from letting you enforce rules and procedures to tailoring and preparing Chrome OS devices for how they will be used with AirWatch.

Smart Glasses Profiles

Create Android Wi-Fi profiles for supported smart glasses platforms.

Tizen Profiles

Create Tizen profiles, which apply to devices running the Tizen OS.