You can renew your Apple iOS provisioning profiles without requiring end-users to reinstall the application. The AirWatch Console notifies you 60 days before the provisioning profile expires with the expiration links in the Renewal Date column on the Internal tab. AirWatch also enables you to renew the file for all applications associated with it.

You can access expiration links for Apple iOS provisioning profiles from within the applicable organization group (OG). The AirWatch Console does not allow access unless you are in the correct OG.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal.
  2. Select the expiration link ( Expires in XX days) in the Renewal Date column for the application for which you want to update the provisioning profile.
  3. Use the Renew option on the Files tab to upload the replacement file.
  4. Select the Update Provisioning Profile For All Applications setting to apply the renewed file to all associated applications. AirWatch displays this option only if multiple applications share the provisioning profile.

    AirWatch lists the applications that share this provisioning profile for you on the Files menu tab. AirWatch silently pushes the updated provisioning profile to all devices that have the application installed.

Expired Apple iOS Provisioning Profiles

When an Apple iOS provisioning profile expires, device users cannot access the associated application, and new device users cannot install the application.

Read Provisioning Profiles and Updates for reasons why renewing provisioning profiles helps mitigate issues in AirWatch caused by the difference in time that provisioning profiles are valid and the time that development certificates are valid.