AirWatch offers a migration process to move your user groups configured with assignment exceptions for public applications to the flexible deployment feature.

Reason For Migration

Public applications now use the flexible deployment feature to assign applications to devices. The flexible deployment system does not include exceptions. In the past, you used exceptions to deploy public applications to special user groups with a specified device ownership type.

Flexible deployments replace exceptions and the system gives you additional control of deployments. The feature enables you to assign deployments to smart groups, to assign multiple deployments for an application, and to prioritize those deployments.

Migration Process

To use the migration wizard:

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public.
  2. Edit an application that you know had exceptions.
  3. Select Assign.

    The system displays a warning message prompting you to migrate your exceptions.

  4. Select Migrate and complete the wizard.

For information on flexible deployment, see Use Flexible Deployment to Assign Applications.