Download the Remote File Storage Server (RFS) executable in the AirWatch Console. Once downloaded, install RFS by running the executable. Then, return to the AirWatch Console and verify the installation completed successfully.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Remote Storage.

  2. Select Configure if you are setting up the first instance of RFS.

  1. Complete the fields in the Details screen that appears. Select Next to continue.

    Settings Descriptions
    Name Provide a unique name to identify the RFS server. When installing multiple RFS nodes, provide each with a name specific to the region of installation.
    RFS URL Supply the full URL to the externally accessible RFS. Specify http or https in URL and include the Port if not using 443 or 80.
    Access via Content Gateway

    Leave disabled to implement standalone RFS.

    Enable to utilize RFS behind Content Gateway.

    For more information about configuring ICAP Proxy, see

  2. Complete the fields in the Storage screen that appears. Select Next to continue.

    Settings Descriptions
    Storage Quota Set the maximum amount of storage in GB that the RFS node accepts. AirWatch ensures the storage quota does not exceed the storage location's limits.
    Maximum File Size Set the maximum individual file size allowed for upload to the RFS node. AirWatch supports files up to 8 GB in size.
  3. Upload the Public SSL Certificate associated with RFS URL from the authentication screen.
  4. Enter the certificate's password and select Upload to continue.
  5. Select the appropriate OS Download to download the installer.
  6. Create a certificate password with a minimum of 6 characters. Confirm your entry.

  7. Select Download, then Save.