Use the Remote File Storage (RFS) manual utility, pre-packaged within the RFS-Web module, to manually upload certificates. Client and regenerated certificates for Content Rendering Engine (CRE) as well as regenerated RFS certificates require the use of the manual utility.

Review the commands and the explanation of the command's components to gain insight about the information needed to manually add an RFS or CRE certificate to the the RFS-Web server.

Command Line and Components
OS Command
sh /opt/airwatch/rfs/rfs-web/etc/unix/ –cn ALIAS_NAME –cp CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_FILE
                              –fp TRUSTSTORE_PATH –t yes
C:\Airwatch\RemoteFileStorage\rfs-web\etc\windows\rfs-cert-util.bat –cn ALIAS_NAME
                              –cp CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_FILE –fp TRUSTSTORE_PATH -t yes
Component Description Notes
ALIAS_NAME The Client ID for the certificate. Do not use spaces.
CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_FILE The uploaded .pem file's location.  

The path to the directory that contains the truststore folder, located by default under the RFS file storage path at subdirectory: /truststore/.

Verify the file storage or truststore path by reviewing the aw.filesystem.root and aw.truststore.path values found at /opt/airwatch/rfs/rfs-web/config/ on Linux and C:\AirWatch\RemoteFileStorage\rfs-web\config\ on Windows .