Browser Window does not open Remote Management portal

The Advanced Remote Management (ARM) portal is not opening on Airwatch users’ browser window.


Possible Cause: Incompatible web browser. The browser being used by Airwatch support staff is not compatible with ARM.

Solution: Use a different web browser. Install or switch to a compatible browser. The following is a list of browsers currently supported by the Remote Management Tool.

  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari


Possible Cause: Browser pop ups are blocked. The browser being used is blocking pop-up windows from the ARM portal.

Solution: Enable pop-ups in browser settings. Airwatch users need to update their browser settings to allow pop-ups from the ARM portal.


Remote Support validation fails

During ARM validation steps, one or all of the 3 validation steps and ‘Launch Session’ button does not appear.


Possible Cause(s): Certificate mismatch, ARM server issues. Client/Server certificates may be incorrectly deployed or there may be issues with availability of ARM server and console.

Solution: Check certificates and ensure ARM server(s) are operational. Ensure that T10 interface certificate has been properly deployed on the ARM server(s), ensure that ARM server(s) are online and operational.