Advanced Remote Management link does not display in AirWatch

ARM link does not display in the More Actions drop-down menu as seen in Device Details View OR device is not shown in the Device List View.


Possible Cause: Registration failed or ARM agent may not have been deployed properly. ARM Agent may have not been installed on the device properly or registration to ARM Server has failed.

Solution: Attempt to re-register the device. Update Resource portal to ensure ARM agent may be properly downloaded and installed on device. An AirWatch Administrator must re-register the device.


Registration check returns failed

Device does not register with AirWatch or the ARM portal.

Possible cause: P7b file missing root/intermediate certificates in certificate chain. In MMC (Microsoft Management Console) certificate console when opening the certificate, the certificate path is missing and certificate status displays: the issue of this certificate could not be found.

Solution: Reinstall the certificate including intermediate and root certificate. Reinstall all the certificates for this client and ensure that the root certificate is placed into the root certificate folder and the intermediate certificate is placed in intermediate certificate folders in MMC certificate console.


Error message, 'Registration failed: Server not found'

Device does not register with AirWatch or the ARM portal.

Possible cause: ARM Site URL capital and lower-case letters. In Remote Management tool versions and prior, the URL for remote management server is CAPS sensitive. In the example shown below, the URL utilizes upper-case and lower-case letters ‘’

Solution: Remove upper case characters from Remote Management site URL. Check the Remote Management site configuration. You need to ensure that the URL has all lower-case letters. In the example above, the URL should be ‘’.


Possible cause: Firewall is ON but misconfigured. If the firewall is incorrectly configured on the Remote Management Server it may be preventing device registrations from being received.

Solution: Turn off firewall or set up exceptions. When the firewall is on and it is not correctly configured, it may be preventing device registrations. Devices register with the Anchor web service, usually hosted on port 443 on the remote management server. If this port is blocked on the firewall, registrations are jeopardized. Turn off the firewall and see if registrations succeed. If they do, check the exceptions to ensure that the Anchor web service on port 443 or other port defined for this service is in the list of exceptions.