Connect to devices for troubleshooting and maintenance using the Advanced Remote Management (ARM) connection tool. This tool starts a remote management session and controls the connection to the remote device.

To start an ARM connection.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View and select the friendly name of the device you want to create a remote connection with. This displays the Details View for the selected device.
  2. Select the More Actions drop-down menu and select Remote Management.
  3. In the Remote Support window, select Launch Session after the connection process completes.
  4. The console displays a 4-digit PIN which you must direct the customer to enter into their device. This action provides customer authorization to remotely manage their device.

    Once the connection is made, the remote management client opens and the device is ready for use.

  5. There are three supported remote client tools at your disposal.
    1. Display Capture – View a remote device's screens, create shortcuts, and diagnose device issues.
    2. Manage Files – Access the file system of the remote device.
    3. Command Line (Android Only) – Send commands to the remote device using the Command Line Interface (CLI).