You can use AirWatch to manage and distribute applications and books purchased through the VPP to your Apple iOS devices. Apple uses Web services to manage redemption codes. For the AirWatch Console to access Apple's Web services, you must first upload the redemption code spreadsheet.

  1. Navigate to either Apps & Books > Applications > Orders or Apps & Books > Books > Orders.
  2. Select Add or Order to add a redemption code spreadsheet.

    Select Purchased Public App or Purchased Custom App (Custom B2B), for applications. This option is not available for books.

  3. Select Choose File to upload the CSV or XLS file that you downloaded from the Apple portal. This action creates the order.
  4. Select Save to continue to the Product Selection Form.
  5. Locate the appropriate product and choose Select to finish uploading the spreadsheet. If your spreadsheet contains an Adam ID, AirWatch does not display this step.

    • If your spreadsheet contains an Adam ID, you do not have to locate the product. AirWatch automatically adds applications and books from the app store when the spreadsheet contains the Adam ID. Adam IDs are specific to iTunes, are components of the Apple Search API, and are unique for each application.
    • If the Apple VPP redemption code spreadsheet contains codes for multiple applications or books, AirWatch lists several products on this form. You can select only one per order.

Using iTunes Adam IDs

iTunes uses Adam IDs, which are item identifiers, to automate connections to content. If your spreadsheet contains an Adam ID, then you do not have to locate applications and books in the app store. For custom B2B applications, the Adam ID enables AirWatch to update application IDs in the AirWatch Console.

For an outline of the support for the redemption code method, see Redemption Code Method Overview.