You must register a callback scheme to install the AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift) in an environment with no previous SDK version. Code your application to expose a custom scheme so that it can receive a callback from the AirWatch Agent for iOS.

Perform this task in Xcode.

See Install a the AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift) in a Clean Environment for instructions to install the SDK in a clean environment.

  1. In Xcode, navigate to Supporting Files.
  2. Select the file <YourAppName>-Info.plist.
  3. Navigate to the URL Types section.

    If it does not exist, add it at the Information Property List root node of the PLIST.

  4. Expand the Item 0 entry and add an entry for URL Schemes.
  5. Set the next Item 0 under URL Schemes to the desired callback scheme.


  6. Whitelist all AirWatch anchor application schemes under the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes entry in the Information Property List.